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You Have found THE site to answer all your questions about Old beer / Soda cans, and ALL other Beer related items you have, discovered found, or inherited.
Trying to establish values, understanding the grading scale,dating your items can be a daunting, exhausting task. That is why we are here to take that stress away, and help you in a painless, honest, timely manner.
Our appraisal services are completely free, and all your info will be kept in complete confidence.

We have been collecting for over 35 years,so there is little we haven't seen in those years. We can help you with not only Beer cans, but virtually every other beer related items you have.
Beer signs, lighted, neon, tin, carboard, ephermia, or lithograph's.
Beer bottles, and or old Bottle labels. Coaster's, glasses,trade cards,opener's,tray's,etc.
Really anything to do with beer, we can help.
We are also knowledgeable in old Soda cans, and related items as well.

We will also purchase items as well.

So, what are you waiting for?
Give us a Try!

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We are still your # 1 Selling Resource. 

Please Call (618) 444-4309 to sell your items, buy items, or just talk potential values of beer items you may have.

Beer By The Numbers

Photo, top right below.  I was able to add the Number 83 can to the group this year. How many more are yet to be discovered?
A group of cans numbered for 81 to 89. Not much is known about these cans, other than they all come from the same marketer. Brewer, presently unknown.
 All have the same basic color scheme, and design. There is some doubt if they were ever actually filled with beer. If you have any relevant info regarding their origins, I'd like to hear from you. I'm still missing some, so if you have any for sale or trade please contact me.

Here are some photos of the type of items I am looking for.
Like all other Antiques and Collectibles condition is paramount in establishing values. Breweriana items are no exception. For example a rare can in perfect condition ( like you just bought it today ) has a value of let's say $1000.00. The same can in what is known as outdoor, or dumper condition, would only bring 5 to 10% of that value.
However, there are some items so rare that even in poor condition they still have considerable value. So, just because items are a little rusty doesn't mean they should be dismissed, or thrown away. ALWAYS better to check with an expert first

Click on any of the photos below to get a larger photo, or view items as a slide show.

Remember whether you are just selling  one item or a thousand. We are ready to serve your needs
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